Join me in this (NEW in 2018) LIVE webinar to learn how I’ve helped thousands of people do their first lease option deal, even if they have a full-time job, without losing their nights and weekends.

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Joe McCall, Founder, Wholesaling Lease Options
Thursday, January 11th @ 3pm CST
See the exact steps I took to quit my job in three months… and how you can do the same.
On this webinar I will share 3 secrets:
  •  How you can get more leads than you can handle - for free - from other wholesalers and from these two websites. (You don’t have to spend any more money on seller marketing.)
  •  How you can offer your sellers any price they want, and all you need is a simple one page contract. (Never negotiate with a seller again.)
  •  How to get someone else to advertise all your deals, and forget about a buyer's list. (All you have to do is give them my checklist and these deals will sell FAST.)
IMPORTANT: At the end of the webinar I will make an offer for you to join my course, Wholesaling Lease Options. This is the LAST TIME I will offer the course at this price before I double it, so be sure to sign up and attend this training before it's too late!
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