Premier Lease Options Coaching 
Normal Price $7,000... Only $5,000 If You Apply NOW
WARNING - Space And Time Is Limited For This Special Offer
  • The Classes Start Next Week
  • The Doors Close The End Of This Week
  • Only 20 People Are Permitted In The Group
  • You Have To Apply To Join
  • The Price Will Go Up
  • Joe May Never Offer This Again 
Here Is What The Premier Lease Options Coaching Includes:
  • 12 Months - 12 month group coaching, working closely with me, helping you do Lease Option deals, Wholesaling Lease Option deals, Notes, Consulting, etc
  • Initial Private Call With Joe - When you first join the program, we will get on the phone for 30-60 minutes to help you create a... 
  • Clear Road Map / Game Plan - Get my personal help in creating your own marketing plan and scorecard. This will be the basis for our accountability plan as I hold your feet to the fire.
  • 6 New Lease Option Classes - Videos on Monday, and group coaching calls on Thursdays.  Classes include 1) Review of Cash Now Strategies of Wholesaling Lease Options & Lease Options Consulting, 2) Creating Your Own Marketing Plan And Scorecard for Success, 3) Systems And Automation Tools For Your Lease Option Business, 4) Cash Flow & Cash Later Strategies of Sandwich Lease Options & Notes, 5) Scaling Your Lease Options Business, 6) Advanced Topics, Outsourcing & Review
  • Private Facebook Group - Join the small, private community of fellow lease option investors.  This is the best place to go to get your questions answered and get unstuck.
  • Private Coaching With Joe Thru Voxer - Ask Joe any question you want thru the smart phone app, Voxer.  
  • Private Live Workshop In St Louis - Join Joe and your fellow Premier Lease Option investors for a small, intimate workshop in St Louis in the Fall of 2015.  Dates to be announced soon.  Prepare to roll up your sleeves and get to work in this workshop.
  • You Get All Of Joe's Courses That He's Ever Created - Wholesaling Lease Options, Automated Wholesaling, Leads In An Hour, Lease Purchase GUTS, Quick Turn Leasing, PodioJoe, and various workshops and bootcamp recordings
  • Texas Lease Option Help - If you want to do lease options in Texas, you are covered.  Joe will give you John Jackson's contracts specifically written by attorneys in Texas.
  • Watch Joe As He Does A Lease Option Deal From Prague - Joe will update the group with his progress every step of the way.
  • Partner On Your Lease Options Deals With Joe - If you want even more exclusive help from Joe, you can partner with him on your deals if you want.  Once you get a property under contract, send it to Joe's team and he will get on the phone with you, every day if needed, to close the deal.  He will personally walk you thru all the details, marketing, tenant-buyer application reviews, and paperwork.  After you get half your coaching fee back on the first two deals, you will split the remaining profits 50/50.  
Here's What It Will Do For You
  • CASH NOW: Pay those bills , get out of debt faster , take a little longer vacation, to a nicer place , prove to your family that you really can do this.
  • CASH FLOW: Quit your job. Travel and work from anywhere in the world . Spend more time with your family . Get out of the rat race.
  • CASH LATER: Retire early - ultimate freedom . Start buying free & clear rentals . Build a nest egg for your kids . Buy bigger investments that have even better cash flow / ROI .
  • Get you the only help you need to do more lease option deals and build your long term wealth portfolio
  • You'll get a MENTOR to help you avoid costly mistakes - priceless
  • Peace of mind - knowing you can relax and just focus on what matters most
  • Surround yourself with other like minded individuals - confidence
  • Fastest way to success is to see what’s working and copy it . Don’t worry about reinventing the wheel
  • Bottom line – do more deals, bigger deals, faster and easier than you could on your own
Here's How To Get The Coaching For Free
  • I don't guarantee your satisfaction.  I GUARANTEE RESULTS.
  • Do A Deal - Of course... just do 1-2 deals and you get all your investment back. You don't have to partner with me and split your profits if you don't want to.
  • Partner with me on your first 2 deals, and get all your coaching investment back. You will get 1/2 of your coaching investment back on each of the first 2 deals we do together.  We will then split the remaining profits 50-50.  For example, if the profit on a deal is $5,000, you will get the first $2,500 back, right off the top.  We will then split whatever is remaining, 50-50.  So, you will get $3,750 ($2,500 + $1,250).  I will get $1,250.  (Normally, whenever I partner with someone on a deal, I always require a minimum of 50% of the gross profit.)
  • If you can't do a deal in 6 months...  If you don’t earn your investment back in 3 months, we will get on the phone and I will work with your personally for the next 3 months until you do. I will give you a very specific game plan and coach you through your first deal every step of the way. If you still can’t do a deal in another 3 months, doing everything we agreed that you would do, I will give your entire coaching investment back.
Here's What You Need To Do Next

Once you fill out the application, either Joe or Eddie will call you and talk about your application.  The main goal is to make sure that your goals are realistic and we are sure that the "Premier Lease Options Coaching Program" is a good fit for you.

Your Results Are Guaranteed
  • You have 30 days… If you’re not happy or satisfied, you get your money back. No questions asked
  • Spousal Guarantee - You have 30 days to review this with your spouse. If he / she doesn’t like it, get a refund… Not a big deal.
  • Partner with me on your first two deals, get your coaching investment back.
  • Don't do a deal in 6 months, get your coaching investment back.  (If you follow thru with the plan we create together. See comments above.)