How To Use This Unique Deal Structure to Make $1,000,000 In Equity And $10,000 In Cash Flow, In 3 Years Or Less, Without Using Any Of Your Own Money Or Credit
How To Use This Unique Deal Structure to Make $1,000,000 In Equity And $10,000 In Cash Flow, In 3 Years Or Less, Without Using Any Of Your Own Money Or Credit
So... what is this Lease Options Case Study about?
I wanted to do this Case Study, where I literally break down the complete system of how anyone can build over $1M (that's ONE MILLION) in equity... 

AND over $10,000 in monthly cash flow... within 3 years.

I am going to walk you through it, step by step... and you're going to learn how to install this system into your business.
This isn't just a course...
We're not just going to be working together for a day. 

I am not going to send you a course and just do a couple Q&A calls.

We're going to be working very closely together over the next few MONTHS. 

There is a lot involved, and I want to make sure you get it all and are able to do it successfully.
I'll be honest though...
This is not for everyone.

This isn't a one-off masterclass or "get rich quick" scheme. 

If that's what you're looking for, please leave now.
Here is EXACTLY what this Case Study will do for you:
Primer Fast Start Overview
In week 1, you'er going to discover the fastest way to get started, IMMEDIATELY

without even waiting until the end of the class.

We are going to cover everything in a high-level view...

with examples and case studies.

You can hit the ground running right away.
(Remember... I am looking for Case Studies. The quicker you can start your marketing, the sooner I can partner with you on your deals and the sooner you can start making money.)
Marketing For Sellers
In week 2, I am goign to show you the easiest, fastest, cheapest way to find the best motivated sellers. ANY market in the United States.

This is marketing that actually works, today. 

This isn't some outdated method.

It's new stuff.

This is marketing that your 9 year old could do for you.
How To Talk To Sellers & Make Offers
In week 3, you are going to learn how EASY it is to talk to sellers and ask simple questions.

You are going to be in the drivers' seat, controlling the conversations.

You aren't going to worry about what to say... or how to say it.

You're going to learn how to make simple and fast offers, using just Zillow.

In fact... the software INCLUDED in this Case Study can create this FOR YOU.

And it can send the Credibility Kit (which I'll teach you in the Case Study).
How To Find The Buyers
In week 4, it's all about the buyers.

Because you followed our advice in the first three modules

...and you have nice homes in affordable neighborhoods is going to be really easy for you to find great quality buyers.

You won't have to worry about prescreening "the right" tenant-buyers.

You are going to have ALL the right tools and checklists at your fingertips.
How The Contracts Work
In week 5 you are going to be surprised... 

how SIMPLE and easy my Lease Option contracts really are.

These contracts are so easy to explain to sellers.

They are easy to fill out and understand.

(And oh yeah... they have the potential to make you millions of dollars.)
Simple Systems and Automation
In week 6 you will learn all about the important tools and systems

that you will need to run this business efficiently.

You aren't going to be overwhelmed with fancy tech gibberish...

You will find that you can do all these deals with a pen and pad of paper.

But... if you want, you can use some of the same tools that me and my team use.

And... if you don't want to try and use them yourself

...let me train your team or VA's to do the work for you.

All this... so you can focus on your highest revenue generating activities.

Why Systems and Automation?

So that you can eventually get it ALL done for you, IN SPITE of you! :)
Don't Just Take My Word For It, 
Here's What Others Had To Say About The Training.
David Domm 'Thank you. Fast and Easy Webinar, to the point and thorough'
Norman Hall  'Very well put together Joe. Very informative. I'm in. Looking forward to starting next week.'
Eugene Labranch  'Great Webinar! Very Informative'
Andrew Last  'Your webinars are great because there is less motivational crap and more nitty gritty how to info.'
Adam McGrady  'Great webinar Joe. I'm going to do some good thinking on this as I def want to build cash flow and wealth. I appreciate it. You Easily show us how the cash flow and wealth breaks down to a granular level and how it can be attained very easily with IMPLEMENTATION'
Don Strickland  'Alot of resources and can't wait to implement these nuggets'
James Webb 'Very helpful and simple.'
What's Included: 
  •  Live 6 Week Case Study - We will show you, live, how to build long-term wealth using Lease Options. ($1,500 value)
  •  Advanced Lease Option Modules - New training released on Tuesdays.
  •  Group Coaching Calls - Weekly group coaching calls on Thursdays. ($1,000+ value) 
  •  Private Facebook Group - Join our secret members-only Facebook group to get all your questions answered & share your successes. ($499 value)
  •  BONUS #1 - Lease Purchase Wealth book ($995 value)
  •  BONUS #2 - Free coaching call with Gavin or Joe ($1,000+ value)
  •  BONUS #3 - My complete "Easy Outsourcing 101" course ($497 value)
  •  BONUS #4 - Access to my attorney, mortgage broker, and tenant-buyer screening company. (Priceless)
  •  BONUS #5 - A New 4-Week LIVE Sales Training Class ($995 value)
  •  BONUS #6 - Partner with Joe and Gavin on deals (Priceless!!)
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