Coaching Application Refundable Deposit
Now, just so we’re clear…

By paying this application deposit, and scheduling your call, you’re saying: 

  • YES JOE! I DO realize you’re charging the application deposit because you’re looking to partner with people who aren’t afraid to invest some skin in the game and show they’re ready.
  •  YES JOE! I realize my $100 application deposit is completely refundable “on the call” in the event we’re not a good fit for one another. 
  •  YES JOE! I’m 100% committed to changing my financial future and I realize you’re in my corner every step of the way with a proven game plan. 
  •  YES JOE! I realize the $100 will be credited to my investment should we decide to work together.
Alright - With that out of the way here’s what’s next: 

        1) Pay your application deposit

        2) Complete the application on the following page

        3) You’ll then be given the opportunity to schedule your call time

We’re looking forward to our conversation to map out your game plan…  Let’s get started! 

Enter Your Details Below To Take Advantage Of This RARE Opportunity To Literally Work Side By Side With Me On YOUR BUSINESS  
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