I Am Looking For One Client To Bring In Windfall Profits For & Help Create A Fully Automated Wholesaling Machine
If That's You... I Will Personally Work With You One-On-One For 12 Months, To Develop A Simple Virtual Business That Will Automatically Wholesale Deals For You, In Multiple Markets, From Anywhere In The World, Without Ever Seeing The Houses, Or Talking To Sellers And Buyers... Ever
I Am Looking For FAST Action Takers... 
Your Application Window Closes In...
100% Money Back Guarantee
Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is

Listen up...  I have never seen anyone else offer this before.  My friends are telling me I'm crazy...  But I am going to do it anyway - that's how much I believe in what I am teaching AND doing right now.  If you are accepted into my coaching program, and if you do everything I tell you to do, I am so confident that you will make 100% of your coaching fee back within 12 months, that if you don't... I WILL REFUND YOUR ENTIRE COACHING FEE.

ROCK STAR TESTIMONIALS (will you be next?)
Rick Hein,
Integrity Investments

Meet Rick who did over 100 deals in the last 12 months
Meet Ronnie who did over $25k on his first deal, and already has over $20k in the pipeline - all within 8 weeks
Ronnie Jones,
Amron Properties
Murat Tekbilek,
Mighty Home Buyers
Meet Murat who just completed his first Wholesaling Lease Option deal and made $6,550 - in one of the most difficult markets, New York.
Jay Adkins
Extreme Living, LLC
Marco R.
 (not his real name or pic)
Look what this guy just did on my first deal, in one of the most competitive markets in the USA...
Stephen Johnson
Seaside Property Solutions, LLC
"My wife and I have now been partnering with Joe for more than a year, with great success. Our marketing is consistent and automated, we have an organized lead generation system, a stable follow up system, and a coach who understands how to build a scaleable wholesaling business from anywhere in the world.

On July 4, 2014 (almost exactly one year after starting to work with Joe) my wife and fulfilled a life long dream of self employment as full time wholesale investors. Joe is honest, works with integrity, is highly focused on the success of his partners, and is a massive action taker himself.

Joe is a wealth of information, with ideas and feedback for unlimited opportunity, and has been one of the strongest reasons we are where we are today. If you are interested in growing a successful wholesaling business, we highly recommend Joe McCall!”
"I am privileged to work with some of the most phenomenal wholesalers all over the country.  This is a check from a deal we just wholesaled in Memphis, TN"
Joe McCall, Real Estate Investing Mastery
Yes, I get to do my own testimonial... 
I still do deals!  ;)
Here's What You Get...
After we get on the phone and I determine that we're going to be a good fit, we will get to work right away.  You will get the following:
  • Custom Tailored Plan Just For You - This is not some cookie cutter plan.  Everyone is different.  Every market is different.  You and I will figure out a plan that works for you, in your market, and in your budget.
  • 12 Months - The coaching program will last an entire 12 months... plenty of time to get you up and running.
  • Coaching Calls - We will have regularly scheduled calls, every week.
  • Ask Me Questions Anytime on Your Phone - Download the free smart phone app my private clients use, and you can personally ask me questions anytime.
  • My Rolodex - You will get my complete rolodex of investors, financial partners, service providers, virtual assistants, etc - as well as the wholesalers I personally know and work with in various parts of the country (and trust me, I know a lot of them).
  • Private Facebook Group. - Get access to my awesome community where you can share your success and struggles, and get all your questions answered.
  • All My Stuff - You will get complete access to all my courses and group coaching programs.  You will get all my tools, systems, and online resources - as well as my personal team's help in setting them all up for you.
  • A Clear Action Plan - Most importantly, you will be given a clear Action Plan, an easy to follow Roadmap for your success.  You will know exactly what the most important things are to focus on every day.  You won't be distracted by a bunch of shiny objects that beg for your attention.  My coaching program is all about accountability...  Every time we talk, you will report on your numbers.  I will hold your feet to the fire.
  • Get my Team To Do Your Marketing - Yes, have my team do all your marketing for you.  (Ask about the details.)
  • 100% Crazy Money Back - Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is - GUARANTEE - If you do everything I tell you to do (fully implement your marketing plan and complete your scorecard), and you don't make the money back you invested in my coaching in 12 months, I will give you the money back. All of it. That's how much I believe in this system. 
Here's What It Can Do For You...
Are you tired of spending 10's of thousands of dollars on coaching programs and courses that do NOTHING for you but leave you confused, lost and hopeless?  I know what that's like... It's so frustrating! 

Here's my promise... If you do what I say, and invest in the marketing and systems that I give you, you can have a business of "Stress Free Abundance" by fully automating your entire wholesaling business...  
I guarantee it.  So if you're interested in that, here's what my coaching can do for you...
  • Financial Security - You really CAN make a full-time income wholesaling houses, working less than part-time.  This isn't some pie in the sky / pipe dream.  I have countless students and friends that have done this.
  • Location Independence - Learn how to flip deals from anywhere in the world. Take that RV trip across the Northwestern corner of the US and visit 11 different National Parks. Take a couple cruises in the next 12 months to Alaska and the Bahamas.  Go to Prague and travel around Europe for 3 months.  Play on the beach from your ocean front condo in Southern California and Florida.  Why not?  I've done all that and more in the last two years... with a family of 6.  If I can do it, there's no reason why you cannot.
  • Peace of MindWhen you have the right coach, you don't need to be afraid of making a mistake anymore.  I've got your back.  I will hold your hand all the way thru. Don't worry about the details yet.  Don't worry about steps 7 & 8.  Just focus on steps 1 & 2.  I will help you with the rest.  
  • A Clear Sense of Direction - No more confusion and complexity, wondering what to do next, which marketing campaigns to run and when.  You will know your "One Thing" that you need to do every day.  It's all about simplicity and execution.
  • Finally Work "On" Your Business Instead Of "In" It - If you work with me, you will quickly discover that the less you work, the more you will make.  Focus will make you rich.  By the end of our coaching arrangement, you will become laser focused on what gives you the best return on your time.
  • No More Talking To Sellers And Buyers - By the time we're done, if you do everything I tell you, you will truly have a fully automated, virtual wholesaling business, where you don't have to talk to sellers and buyers... ever.  (Did you hear that?)  You will know how to flip deals from anywhere in the world.  Stick with what you're good at - marketing and systems. Get someone else to do all the hard work.
  • Get National Exposure - If you do a deal, I would love to interview you on my podcast and tell the world all about it!  We have close to a million total downloads, from listeners in over 160 countries.  Many people we have interviewed have seen their business increase many times over - whether from cash buyers, private investors, coaching students, etc.
  • Get someone else to do all your marketing for you.  If you're like me, if you don't get someone else to do your marketing, it just won't ever get done.  You need to get your marketing "done for you, in spite of you".
  • Become A Coach Yourself - Would you like to learn how to become a real estate investing coach yourself?  I will be honest...  I LOVE coaching people.  And you can really make good money coaching and helping people!  What a great combination, right?  After you are consistently doing deals, (or maybe you already are), if you would like to learn how to set up and run an efficient and effective coaching business, let me help you - and maybe I can even promote you. 
  • Again... 100% Crazy Money Back - Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is - Guarantee - If you do everything I tell you to do, and you don't make the money back you invested in my coaching, I will give you the money back.  That's how much I believe in this system. 
Here's Who I Can Help...
I only work with a few select people.  It is by application only.  You need to meet the following criteria...
  • You must be willing to WORK HARD, and not be so quick to quit when it gets "hard".  And this is big... You can't ever, EVER, complain about how much competition there is in your market.  
  • You must be a FAST IMPLEMENTER, and follow instructions to the "T".  If you're one who is afraid to take decisive, massive action - or one who has to have all their questions & "what if's" answered first because you're afraid to make a mistake - then DO NOT apply. I want a "Ready, FIRE, Aim" person.
  • You must have a budget of at least $500 per month to spend on marketing.  Marketing is the most important part of this business.  We are not in the real estate business.  We are in the marketing business.  He who spends the most on the right marketing will always win. 
  • You must be willing to make at least 5 offers every day.  Don't worry about all the details of comp'ing a property and estimating repairs yet...  That's is the easy part.  You must be committed to doing the "money making activities" every day. You will have a daily / weekly score card that you must fill out and send to me every week.
  • You must have 3-4 hours a day to invest in your business (20 hours a week).  Remember, there is work to do.  It's going to hard at first.  It takes time to build your systems and learn the business.
  • You must be willing to invest money and time in coaching.  You need to be able to invest in your education and your business. If you're broke, or only want to pay for the coaching out of future deals, I probably can't help you.
  • Someone who can make a decision TODAY.  If you apply, you need to be prepared to say, "Yes, this is for me", or "No, this is not for me."  It's totally okay to say, "No".  But you're not allowed to say, "I need to think about it."  If you need a spouse to discuss this with, that's totally cool (and actually required).  Just make sure they fill out the application with you and will be on the phone with you when we talk.  Cool?   
Here's Who I Can't Help...
I only work with a few select people.  That's why I have an application that everyone must fill out.  You need to meet the following criteria...
  • If you are broke, please don't apply. As much as I'd like to, I cannot offer free coaching.  And I don't do deal splits with students. If you can't afford coaching right now, that's fine. There are tons of really good resources and free education on my podcast, Real Estate Investing Mastery.
  • This is not some get rich quick scheme - where you can make money without any work.  You have to be willing to send out consistent marketing, every week.  If you're looking for an easy push button machine to make money for you, this ain't it.  It's close...  But it isn't it.
  • To repeat what I said above....  I can't help someone who can't make a decision to take action today.  If this isn't the right time for you, that's okay.  If you apply, and we get on the phone, you need to give me a "yes" or a "no".  It's okay to say "no".  But you can't say, "I need to think about it."  Once we're on the phone, I need to know that you're ready to pull the trigger TODAY.
"Only $45,595 on this deal..."
Scott K from Vancouver Island, Canada 
"I definitely recommend your program... I made $4,000..."
Mike Sumsky, Seattle WA
"Did my first WLO deal in less than 30 days..."
Eddie Kearns, North Carolina
How Much Does It Cost?
I don't know actually.... You tell me. (Yeah, seriously.) How much should this cost?  When we get on the phone, we will talk about it.

If you want this kind of a virtual, automated wholesaling business that I have been talking about, within the next 6-12 months, how much would it be worth to you?  

I want you to think about two numbers... 1) What are you making right now in real estate?  And 2) how much do you want to make per year? Now, what's the difference in that number?  $50,000?  $100,000?  $500,000?

If I can promise to get you there in 6-12 months, how much is that worth to you?

What % of that income are you willing to invest in your financial independence, for your family's financial independence?  

I understand… This is not for everyone. Maybe you can't swing it right now.... That's totally cool. It's okay to say no. I might offer this again… (Maybe... maybe not???)

So if you value the best coaching program in the country, how much is it worth to you? You tell me.
I am looking for 2 entrepreneurs I can bring in windfall profits for. I am going to be working closely with you, one-on-one, for 12 months. 

And I am offering a crazy, insane “Money Back Guarantee” where you get your coaching fee back if you don’t make your money back in 12 months.

Who does that?!

And who else offers to have their team do all your marketing for you?

No one... I checked...

Fill out the application below and let me know what you think this is worth to you, and what you can afford today.

I look forward to hopefully working with you!
Here's What To Do Next...
Do You Think You Have What It Takes To Live A Life Of "Stress Free Abundance" & Make A Full-Time Income Wholesaling Properties, While Vacation Around The World?
If you do think you have what it takes, click the apply now button below.  Here's what will happen next...Once you fill out this application, someone from my team will get a hold of you and ask you some questions. If you're a good fit, then you and I will get on the phone and work out the details. Cool? 

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