"Become The Coach" Workshop
Joe McCall | Tom Krol | Cody Hofhine
May 30 - June 1, 2018 | Hyatt Regency Clearwater, FL
Warning - This Coaching Workshop Is Limited To Only 20 People. 
Hyatt Regency, Clearwater Beach, FL
We each have had the privilege and amazing opportunity to coach students from all over the world.

We absolutely LOVE what we do. Why? Because we get to help people and change lives.

And… we get paid over 7 figures a year doing it… each.

We are not saying that to brag, or call attention to how much money we make… We are still in the real estate business, doing deals every day.

But inside of us, we each have a passion to teach, inspire, and help other people find the same financial freedom we have found.

We believe in Coaching 110%. And that is why we are doing this workshop.

There are so many mistakes people are making in the coaching business. We are going to drop the facade... and tell you like it really is. We are going to pull back the curtain and share everything. 

So pay attention… Let’s cut to the chase…

1) This is a 3 day workshop, in Tampa FL. 

2) The dates are May 30th - June 1st

3) It is limited to only 20 people.

4) It will fill up. We don't know if we will do this again.

We are breaking this small, personal workshop into 3 main segments:
Joe McCall: PRODUCING The Opportunity 
(Simple funnels to attract your best clients to your program.)
In this series of sessions,  Joe will be a complete open book. You will be learning from a master on how to create three simple funnels that attract the right traffic for your coaching business.
  •  How to avoid all the pitfalls, bruises, black eyes… basically all the mistakes Joe has made over the years.
  •  Find out what works today, what doesn’t... Not from 5-10 years ago. TODAY.
  •  Learn easy traffic strategies for attracting the best students... without spending $1,000's on outdated, competitive traffic
  •  You will have access to all Joe’s best campaigns and tactics, as well as his rolodex and contacts that he hires to run his coaching machine
  •  Swipe and deploy the 3 simple funnels that Joe uses in his business.
  •  Get access to the same people Joe uses to build his funnels, produce his podcasts, run his facebook ad traffic, publish his books, write his sales copy, build his membership sites, etc, etc
Cody Hofhine: SEIZING The Opportunity 
(Convert the right people into your coaching program)
Learn from a master who consistently produces over 6 figures a month over the phone. Learn why Sales is the million dollar skill.
  •  How to get on the phone and talk to people.
  •  How to help actually help people by bringing incredible value to them thru the sales process.
  •  How to build a simple sales floor that does all the selling for you.
  •  How to ask the best questions & not waste time with the wrong prospects.
  •  Being in tune with their pain so you can deliver the solution
  •  Being a "Truth Teller" and a "Truth Seeker"
  •  A simple script for closing 7 figures
  •  Structuring the RIGHT words for a SOLID close
  •  The "Pull Away" that gets them to follow YOU
  •  Getting them engaged within 5 minutes of the phone call
  •  Re Engaging the leads that have gone MIA
Tom Krol: SERVICE The Opportunity 
(Deliver actual results to your students.)
Tom will be mainly focusing on the most important aspect of this entire process… Growing you coaching organically by getting your students results. This is the fuel that will propel your business… This is key: Getting your clients results fast.
  •  Tom will reveal the secret method of "Instruction over Education" for hands off coaching that gets the most results
  •  Learn how to set the right boundaries and not let the coaching business control you. 
  •  Setting clear expectations upfront and narrowing their focus for accelerated success.  
  •  Preparing students for what’s coming – Leaving the “info-junkie" state. 
  •  Focusing on Small Wins so your students are propelled forward automatically. 
  •  How to put “salt in their oats” and motivate your students to take Massive Imperfect Action on a daily basis without your involvement.
  •  Working the Under Promising / Over Delivering process into your model. 
  •  A detailed look at the 1 to many model and why it is the most effective for them and you 
  •  Solving their root issues, not the symptoms 
  •  Creating a Tribe of raving fans and fanatical followers.  
  •  The Truth Teller / Truth Seeker reverse coaching model that allows them to hold themselves accountable.  
  •  The Upside Update program that allows your students to keep your course relevant and up to date 
So Who Is This Workshop For?
This workshop is not for everyone. You must have a PASSION for helping people succeed and get results. This is who it's for:
  •  Coaches who are already having success in their own investing business.
  •  Coaches who are ready to give back. 
  •  Coaches who are looking to help other people get the same blessings they've had in their life.
  •  Coaches who are in the growth & contribution mode.
  •  Coaches who have an abundant mindset. 
So if you're ready... fill out this survey and tell us a little bit about you. We will review it and get back with you on the phone.
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